In addition to the equity-based crowdfunding campaign on Companisto, Foodist also generated additional.

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surprise customers and help them discover high-quality groceries. Because of a further improvement of the contribution margin per box and of the customer lifetime value, the profit per subscriber will keep increasing. While he was working there, the company shipped 120,000 boxes each month and generated annual revenues of more than 30m. The revenues and the contribution margin per subscriber increase due to reorders of individual products from the Foodist box and due to the additional sale of thematic Foodist boxes such as the Ladies, Gentlemens, or Snack boxes. Our customer acquisition costs are currently at approx. Information Missing - Please enter your information in the following field(s). Another important argument for the second equity-based crowdfunding round, we think, is that Companisto and all Companists of Foodist believed in us at a very early stage. Because of our automated feedback systems (each customer receives a feedback form from us with each box our. Based on this market expertise and by means of the funding, we will scale the number of Foodist box subscribers automarkt mercedes to up to 4,000 monthly subscribers until the end of the year. To contact Bank. On average, Foodist box customers now keep their subscription for 10 months. Therefore, the teams in Denmark and Austria may focus primarily on marketing, which is controlled locally in addition to customer management. Foodist box subscribers and generated monthly revenues of 9,600. Foodist will probably found a subsidiary in Denmark, in which Foodist Germany will be a majority shareholder. Shipping outside of Germany was originally due to individual inquiries from the respective countries. Our subscribers receive a monthly box containing 6-8 delicacies at the 15th of each month and may eagerly anticipate the next gourmet surprise before that date. Submit a Tip form and we may share it on our site! Our partners in Denmark and Austria may also use the existing IT structures of our shop and the design. We will finish our first business year (2013) with gross annual revenues of 304,000. The Companists participate in Foodist Germany by means of the equity-based crowdfunding and thus profit from the internationalization as well.

Foodist raised capital on Companisto three times in consequitive funding rounds starting in 2013 and then. We completed our first financing round on Companisto 399 investors or Companists as the platform calls their investors. Producers, foodist also generated additional exposure from the VOX TV show Die vorkasse in englisch Höhle der Löwen and was one of the selected startups for the ProSiebenSat. And to fully exploit the potential of the B2B market. And cooperators, lottohelden, in total 2, august.

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David Rhotert, the andreas brandt foodist boxes will initially still be shipped andreas brandt foodist from Hamburg. Scaling of the Foodist Box Subscription Model. We have 300 m of storage space at our disposal. In the logistics department 000 boxes each month with one employee and one marginally employed person.

Since we are often the first retailer in Germany to offer the products, we are able to secure the right to exclusive distribution at an early stage.You are what you eat!Foodist has been sold to Ströer providing an exit for early stage investors.

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